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Prolotherapy, also referred to as ligament reconstruction therapy or sclerotherapy, is a non-surgical treatment procedure that stimulates the natural healing process by promoting the growth of new tissue to restore the damaged structures in the foot. The stimulation promotes healing by providing a fresh and adequate blood supply to the injured area. It involves injecting small amounts of irritant (sclerosant), like sugar water or your body’s own platelet rich plasma at the problem region to trigger a mild inflammatory response that creates a controlled injury that initiates the body’s natural healing process to create new and healthy tissue. Prolotherapy is usually indicated for treating joint dislocation, arthritis or tendon problems in the foot.

Prolotherapy treatments are generally spaced 4-6 weeks apart, allowing for proper healing cascade to take effect. Average treatments are 3-5; however, some patients require more treatments depending on their individual concerns. Typically, more severe, chronic issues will require a greater number of treatments. Some personal factors that may inhibit maximum healing include smoking, poor nutrition, diabetes and other immune suppressing conditions. There is minimal down time or restrictions after prolotherapy, but it does take more treatments.