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Bunion Relief


Bunion pain is relieved by reducing the size and inflammation of your bunion.  You may have heard that it is impossible to decrease the size of your bunion without surgery but this is false.  As a podiatrist, I specialize in non-surgical bunion treatment that will help you find relief and shrink the size of your bunion.  There are a number of treatment strategies, that once implemented, will have a profound effect on the quality of your life.  


Firstly, bunions are extremely common with more than 3 million cases diagnosed every year.  They arise due to constant stress and pressure placed on the big toe joint, often, for many many years.  Uncomfortable shoes like high-heels squeeze the toes together inflicting undue stress not he big toe joint causing this deformity and continued bunion growth.  In order to relieve bunion pain and size, we need to reverse the pattern of irritation on the bunion. 


Now, in regards to treatment, the first step is to provide your foot the maximum amount of comfort while you walk.  You should be wearing shoes that support your foot’s health and not slowly harming it.  At your office visit at the Cross Bay Foot Care Center, I will recommend shoes for your lifestyle that provide you the comfort that you desire.  


There are many reasons why a shoe may be wrong for a person including the shape of a shoe and whether or not that shoe is made for a person’s specific foot type.  This is why I recommend seeing me, Dr. Weinstock, for advice so that you understand what type of shoe is best for you.  Soon, you will experience much less bunion pain and inflammation as the constant irritation of is removed when you walk.  


Next, we want to set you up with a pair of custom orthotics.  Almost all shoes come with a generic, cheaply-made in sole that is designed to fit the “average” foot.  Since, everyone’s foot type is different, these in soles usually do more harm than good.  By wearing custom orthotics, made by a podiatrist, you will be wearing in soles that support your every movement and have extra cushioning where you need it the most.  You will be amazed at the difference in comfort that you feel after just a few days. 


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy For Your Bunion


Finally, I use Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP Therapy for your bunion.  This non-surgical treatment is amazing at shrinking bunion size and is one of the only natural and non-surgical treatments that can actually shrink the size of a bunion.  Platelet Rich Plasma is derived from a blood sample of the patient.  It is then injected into the bunion and contains over 30 growth factors to actively heal damaged tissue.  Inside there bunion, there is a tremendous amount of damaged cell tissue and inflammation and a PRP Therapy repairs this damaged tissue allowing the bunion to shrink.  This treatment is extremely safe because the materials used are from the patient’s own blood.  It is the best way to shrink a bunion non-surgically and also an effective alternative to bunion surgery


If you are looking for bunion relief and to shrink your bunion without surgery, I can help you. 

Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule your consultation. 


Custom Podiatrist-Made Orthotics


Custom orthotics are one of the best investments that you can make to relieve foot pain.  Many of my patients are always on their feet, whether due to work, lifestyle, or exercise and for a unknown reason, their feet constantly hurt.  As a podiatrist, I have spent three decades understanding the underlying causes of foot pain and custom orthotics is always part of my solution. 


Every person has a different foot shape but people with high-arched or flat feet are particularly prone to foot pain.  This is because pressure is placed on sensitive parts of their feet constantly leading to foot pain and foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis.  You may have flat feet or high-arched feet and are wearing incorrect shoes that are further contributing to your foot pain.  


During your visit at my office, the Cross Bay Foot Care Center, we will discover your foot shape, discuss what shoes are best for your comfort, and create you a pair of custom orthotics.  Many people are unknowingly wearing incorrect shoes.  Different shoes are made for different foot shapes but most people don’t know this while shoe shopping.  They end up choosing shoes or sneakers that actively harm their foot.  We will figure out if you are wearing the incorrect shoes or sneakers and just by making this change, you will se a tremendous improvement in your foot pain.  


What You Need To Relieve Foot Pain


Custom orthotics work wonders to relieve foot pain because they provide padding to the parts of your feet where it is most needed.  They match your foot shape to help you walk better.  Your current in soles are likely made from generic, cheap materials.  They are also shaped for the “average” foot, which is a generic shape not matching your own. 


If you are having pain, it is time to schedule an appointment with me, Dr. Debra Weinstock, immediately because this foot pain can be easily relieved just by having the right tools.  Custom orthotics provide the maximum amount of comfort for each patient and are made to align with both the walking pattern and foot shape of the patient.  As a podiatrist, I can use decades of experience to create you the perfect orthotics.   


If you are always on your feet and experiencing foot pain, custom orthotics may be a necessity for you.  People are often surprised and amazed at the difference that they feel after wearing custom podiatrist-made orthotics for just a few days.  


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Recover From Achilles Pain


Do you have pain at the back of your ankle?  There is thick band called the Achilles Tendon that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone.  Sometimes, because of overuse or tight muscles, one may develop Achilles Tendinitis, which is inflammation and tissue damage of this Achilles Tendon.  Most Achilles Tendinitis can be cured with conservative treatment under the guidance of an experienced podiatrist.  


The largest risk of Achilles Tendinitis is ignoring the problem and then, sustaining an achilles tendon rupture.  This rupture is not only excruciatingly pain and disabling but also requires invasive surgery and months of rehabilitation and recovery.  To avoid a rupture, I recommend to see me, Dr. Weinstock, for a consultation at the Cross Bay Foot Care Center as soon as you notice consistent pain at the back of your ankle.  


Achilles Tendinitis is very common.  Many runners or people who play sports only on the weekends develop Achilles Tendinitis.  This is likely because a sudden increase in intense activity with cause the Achilles Tendon to flare up.  Usually, Achilles Tendinitis resolves within days to weeks but you need to understand how to quickly heal this problem.  Often, rest, ice, and changing your footwear is essential during recovery.  Stretching and strengthening exercises may also help accelerate the healing process.  


Some people purchase shoes in accordance to only style but ignore the foot shape that that shoe is made for.  Different people have different foot shapes.  For example, some people have flat feet while others have high-arched feet.  If you have one of these abnormal foot shapes, you are more likely to develop Achilles Tendinitis, especially if you are wearing incorrect shoes.  People go into the shoe store with flat feet and end up purchasing shoes for people with high-arched feet simply because they do not know what to look for.  During your appointment, we will make sure you are wearing the correct shoes to heal and prevent foot issues.  


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


One of the best non-surgical treatments for Achilles Tendinitis is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP Therapy.  This treatment applies platelets derived from a blood sample to create platelet rich plasma, a substance with over 30 growth factors to quickly repair damaged tissue.  If you are experiencing a case of long-term or severe Achilles Tendinitis, PRP Therapy is extremely helpful in accelerating the repair of this damaged tissue.  


Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule a consultation at the Cross Bay Foot Care Center.  I look forward to helping you heal in the fastest and most natural way possible.    


Relieve Pain, Inflammation, And Disability


Arthritis in the feet, toes, and ankles is extremely common.  This inflammation, stiffness, and bone-to-bone rubbing is disabling and painful.  There isn’t any known scientific cure to the constant deterioration of the cartilage tissue between the joints but fortunately, there is a way to regenerate cartilage tissue and protect yourself from the pain of bone-to-bone friction and inflammation.  


As a podiatrist, I provide both Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy to Arthritic foot conditions.  These treatments are non-surgical, natural, and perhaps, the most effective non-surgical approach to pain relief. Importantly, both of these treatments are safe and effective alternatives to joint replacement surgery.  If you are considering surgery, please schedule a consultation with me, Dr. Weinstock, at the Cross Bay Foot Care Center.  You may be able to avoid this risky and invasive surgery.  


Now, I will explain what both treatment are and how they help with Arthritic pain relief.  Stem Cell Therapy applies adult stem cells to the joints in the feet.  Adult stem cells are derived from the patient’s own body, either their fat tissue or bone marrow making this treatment natural and extremely safe.  


Stem cells are everywhere in the body.  They are “neutral” cells able to transform into different types of cell tissue such as ligament, tendon, cartilage, muscle, bone, and organ.  During the body’s constant “wear and tear”, as tissue damage occurs, stem cells perform cellular regeneration transforming into healthy tissue to replace the damaged tissue.  This keeps the body healthy.  


In a chronic degenerative condition such as arthritis, there aren’t enough stem cells to constantly create new cartilage tissue.  Cartilage will then wear down completely until bone on bone friction eventuates causing extreme pain, inflammation, and disability. 


Stem Cell Therapy For Your Feet


This is where we can help.  I apply Stem Cell Therapy to the Arthritic joints of the foot.  The stem cells applied to the joints birth healthy cartilage tissue to provide you more protection for your joint and slowing down the process of arthritis.  The result is tremendously improved mobility and pain relief.  


Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Therapy is helpful to be used in combination with Stem Cell Therapy.  PRP contains over 30 growth factors to repair damaged cell tissue and blood vessels.   By applying both Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy, a massive amount of damaged tissue can be repaired and new cartilage tissue can be formed.  The result is new and healthy cartilage that can protect your joint from bone on bone friction.  


If you are considering surgery or are looking for pain relief, please make an appointment with me.  Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule your consultation.   


Recuperating From An Ankle Sprain


An ankle sprain often heals within 4 to 6 weeks but without the correct treatment, the ankle is left susceptible to further injury.  During a sprain, the ligaments, muscles, and tendons surrounding the ankle are damaged and even when they heal, these tissues are still weak from injury.  In real life, this means that any little misstep can cause the ankle to roll and sprain again forcing you to undergo weeks more in recovery.

The key to fully recovering from an ankle sprain is to re-strengthen the ankle after it heals but lets first discuss how to heal the damaged tissue of an ankle sprain.  Damaged tissue will heal on it’s own but it needs to be protected during this process.  After your sprain, get off your ankle an ice it.  Ice your ankle 3 times a day for 15 minutes until the inflammation decreases.  By decreasing inflammation, you are speeding up the recovery process of the damaged tissue as well as vastly reducing current pain. 


If you cannot walk without pain, you should use crutches until you can walk comfortable with an ankle brace on.  The key to healing an ankle after a sprain is doing everything possible not to further damage the tissue around the ankle.  Getting a ankle brace that restricts the ankle’s movements is crucial to protecting your ankle as a brace makes it virtually impossible to further damage tissue.  


As you take these steps, it is now important to come in for a visit at the Cross Bay Foot Care Center, where I can examine your ankle.  I will take an x-ray to ensure you did not fracture any bones and then proceed to advise you on how to quickly heal your ankle sprain. Again, a combination of icing, a protective brace, and time to heal is what most ankle’s need to heal. 


Healing A Bad Sprain


Further, some ankle sprains are severely injured.  In these cases, I recommend Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP Therapy for an ankle sprain in order to accelerate the repair of damaged tissue.  PRP Therapy contains 30 growth factors to rapidly increase the rate at which tissue repairs and is a natural treatment derived from the patient’s own blood.  This treatment is being used throughout professional sports to help athletes avoid long-term complications and bring their ankle back to full health.  Again, it is a natural treatment as PRP is created from a blood sample taken from the patient.  


Once you ankle heals, you will want to engage in a re-strengthening program.  This can be done on one’s own our in a Physical Therapy program.  Re-strengthening the ankle ensures you do not end up with chronic ankle sprains due to ankle weakness.  If you have sprained your ankle, a podiatrist like myself will help guide you to full recovery. 


Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule your consultation.  

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