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Relieve Pain From Foot Arthritis


Arthritis in the feet causes severe disability and pain.  The inflammation of one or more of your joints is common in the small joints of your toes and foot.  There is not currently a medical cure for Arthritis but there are treatments that can significantly relieve pain and inflammation and reverse the process of Arthritis. 


Most patients with moderate to severe foot Arthritis are recommended foot surgery or physical therapy.  Often, physical therapy isn’t enough to relieve joint pain but rather, slow down the process of Arthritis and provide the patient increased mobility.  Soon enough the pain becomes bad enough where surgery is recommended.   

As a podiatrist with decades of experience treating foot Arthritis, I have always prided myself on being at the cutting edge of medical treatment.  It is possible to significantly repair joint damage without surgery.  You will not have to undergo surgery and it’s potential risks and complications.


Alternative To Surgery


Both Stem Cell Therapy for foot Arthritis and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for foot Arthritis are safe and effective alternatives to Arthritis surgery.  They work to physically repair damaged cartilage in the joint so that the cartilage tissue can function as intended.  With surgery, you are not fixing the cause of the problem but rather changing the anatomy of the foot to function.  Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy are both homeopathic natural treatments that align with the body’s healing process.  Further, all materials used come from the patient’s own body.


In summary, both of these treatments repair damaged cartilage tissue so that the cartilage can act as that much needed “shock absorber” between the joints and protect you from bone-on-bone friction.  By physically repairing damaged cells and adding new and healthy cells to the joint, we are actually fixing the problem, not circumventing it.


Let me explain.  Stem cells are everywhere in a person’s body and used everyday to repair its daily wear and tear.  Due to the chronic nature of Arthritis, all of the stem cells in the foot get used up trying to heal cartilage tissue.  By adding a new boost of stem cells, we can create healthy cartilage that will last for years.


Platelet Rich Plasm Therapy is great for moderate cases helping to repair cartilage tissue and uses the platelets found in a person’s own blood.


The important thing for you to take away is that Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can help your relieve significant foot Arthritis pain and disability and act as an effective alternative to foot surgery.


Call me at (718) 835-0100 and schedule a consultation.

Regular Check-Ups


Today, we are going to discuss how to keep your feet healthy as a diabetic.  Amputations are frightening common among diabetics.  As a diabetic, cuts and wounds are often difficult to heal, which eventually lead to an infection and an amputation.  With a few simple strategies in places, you can drastically reduce your risk factor of needing an amputation.


Firstly, most amputations are needed because of an infection.  If you can avoid an infection, you can avoid an amputation.  The goal is to do whatever it takes to keep your feet healthy.


One important step is to see a podiatrist regularly.  You can visit me, Dr. Debra Weinstock, at the Cross Bay Foot Care Center for regular check ups.  This will ensure that I catch any problem at it’s beginning and treat it before an infection occurs.  Regular check ups help me find any problem before it gets out of control.


Taking Care Of Your Feet


Next, you’ll want to care for your own feet.  Make sure to always wear shoes around the house and rarely go barefoot.  This will decrease the likelihood of sustaining an injury.


Many diabetic patients suffer from diabetic neuropathy.  This is a condition where the person experiences numbness and tingling in their feet.  This numbness can block pain receptors and people are then capable of ignoring cuts and pains on their feet.  Everyday, check your feet for sores.  If you find one, come in to my office for treatment immediately.  Don’t try to treat any foot problems yourself since their is a risk you can mistreat yourself and further the injury.


It would be great if you could wash your feet everyday as well with warm water.  Infections stem from bad bacteria getting into cuts and wounds.  By washing your feet, we are cleaning your feet of bacteria.


At our office, I will cut your toenails to reduce the risk of having sharp toenails that can cut you.  Again, the goal is to protect your feet against injury, which will prevent an infection and an amputation.  It is quite possible to put a strategy in place to reduce the risk of an amputation as a diabetic.  Just do everything you can to protect your feet and this starts with regular check-ups with a podiatrist, usually once every month or two.


Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule a consultation with me.

Kill All Nail Fungus And Get Clean Toenails With The K Laser

A nail fungus infection can be embarrassing and painful for many people.  Nail fungus is extremely contagious and often hard to kill with slower treatments.  In 15 minutes, a K Laser nail fungus treatment is able to kill all of the pathogens that create “thick ugly nails”.

Topical treatments often don’t work when trying to cure nail fungus because of how contagious and active this fungus is.  Fungus can live in socks, shoes, on bed sheets and jump from toe to toe and foot to foot.  A topical medication kills some fungus but this fungus can just continue to grow and spread when treatment is done slowly.  A slow treatment allows the transfer of fungus from one’s items like bed sheets onto their feet.

A fast K-Laser treatment kills one’s nail fungus right away.  Then you can wash and sanitize your sheets, socks, and shoes so that it is virtually impossible to get another outbreak of nail fungus.  Using a k-laser versus topical treatments, one will get a greater improvement in the look and color of one’s toenails.  During your visit, we will go over the best ways to sanitize your things in order to prevent another infection.

Safe, Painless Treatment

Importantly, this treatment is drug free.  There are zero side effects.  It is extremely safe with a 90% success rate.  By shining a high intensity laser, we can kill colonies of bacteria that live in the hidden shadows of one’s toenails.

As a podiatrist, I help my patients everyday curing nail fungus that has plagued them for months, even years.  With modern medicine, it is simple, painless, and easy to kill nail fungus.  The first thing to do is come in and schedule a consultation with me, Dr. Weinstock.  We will discuss all your options of killing nail fungus and how the K-Laser works almost instantly to kill fungus.  Bacteria is vigilant and in order to counter it’s will to survive, we need an equally strong persistence.

After this treatment, you will be able to show off your feet again, wear sandals when you want, and go barefoot without ever feeling embarrassed.  You deserve healthy, clean feet and there is a simple solution to this problem.

Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule your consultation.

Bunion Treatment


A bunion is an enlargement of the big toe joint.  Within this joint, there is tissue damage and inflammation and as a result, a large bunion forms that sticks outwards and pushes the toes inwards.  This bunion often rubs against the side of one’s shoes causing friction and pain.  Most podiatrists recommend bunion surgery to reduce the size of a bunion but there is a non-surgical treatment that can relieive significant bunion pain and size.


The tissue damage and inflammation within the joint cause the bunion formation.  It’s years of undue stress and pressure placed on that joint, which causes the damage.  This tissue damage can be healed with PRP and as a result, with repair tissue and the decrease of inflammation, the bunion is able to shrink.  As a Podiatrist in Howard Beach, I help my patients reduce the size of their bunion without surgery.  


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy For Bunions


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP Therapy for bunions repairs damaged tissue within the joint.  PRP is made from the platelets found in a person’s blood.  Platelets are on of the body’s most important healing cells.  They are used throughout the body to already heal damaged tissue.  In PRP Therapy, we harness the power of platelets and apply a concentrated dense platelet rich plasma within the big toe joint.  This concentration of platelets, containing over 30 growth factors, heals damage tissue within the joint.


Platelets are derived during a blood sample and then placed into a centrifuge system to separate the platelets from the blood’s other materials.  This platelet rich plasma is then directly injected into the joint.  Patients seen results within weeks as their bunion begins to reduce in size.


This is an important treatment because it helps patients avoid bunion surgery.  It is simple and non-invasive requiring only an injection and importantly, it is natural.  PRP is made up of only the body’s own materials.  There are no unnatural substances being placed within your body making it an ideal treatment. PRP is actually being used throughout the body to heal injury and help people avoid surgery.


The best thing you can do is set up an initial consultation with me, Dr. Debra Weinstock, at the Cross Bay Foot Care Center.  We will go over your past history and discuss exactly how to help you find bunion relief.  In addition to PRP Therapy, conservative treatments like custom-made orthotics and bunion pads will help as your bunion heals itself.


It is now possible to reduce bunion size without surgery.  You don’t need to suffer with bunion discomfort any longer.  Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule your consultation.

How To Heal Severe Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common foot conditions that I see at my office, the Cross Bay Foot Care Center.  Many of my patients have severe cases and have not found relief even after dedicating themselves to an intensive Physical Therapy program.  These patients are bewildered by their foot condition, not knowing what to do, since they have already tried the recommended standard treatments.


The reason that their Plantar Fasciitis won’t heal is likely because a small tear has formed in the plantar fascia band.  This small tear prevents the plantar fascia band from healing.  Every time a person is on their feet, there is the potential to worsen the tear or maintain the plantar fasciitis condition.  Almost all long-term plantar fasciitis conditions remain stagnant in the healing process because of a tear.  Fortunately, there is a solution to quickly heal this tear so that the plantar fascia band can be fully healed and Plantar Fasciitis can be finally cured.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, also known as PRP Therapy, for Plantar Fasciitis heals the tear in the plantar fascia band.  PRP Therapy is being used by professional athletes world-wide to avoid season-ending surgery and stimulate powerful healing responses in the body.  It is applied with a simple injection, using only the body’s natural healing materials.

PRP is made from the platelets found in the patient’s own blood.  Platelets are separated from the rest of the blood’s contents to create a dense platelet rich plasma filled with growth factors and these growth factors are key in healing damaged tissue throughout the body.  In fact, these platelets are used throughout the body during the day’s normal wear and tear.


In a PRP treatment, such growth factors are placed at the sight of the Plantar Fascia tear to heal the damaged cell tissue.  By applying a boost of healing power to the exact area where the tear is located, most, if not all, of my patients have had this tear heal and therefore, the plantar fasciitis soon disappears altogether.

Physical Therapy after a PRP treatment can still help to rebuild the Plantar Fascia band but unless that tear is targeted and healed, the recovery process is slow or stagnant.  The best thing to do is schedule a consultation with me, Dr. Debra Weinstock.  I can use ultrasound guidance to discover the both if you have a tear thats preventing healing and the exact location.  We can then discuss options on how to heal this tear.

If your plantar fasciitis isn’t healing in a timely manner, you likely have a tear, which can be easily treated by PRP Therapy.  Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule your consultation.

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