Plantar Fasciitis

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Cure Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis may happen to anyone.  The trick is to relieve this pain and injury quickly so you don't have to spend weeks and months with constant foot pain. 

At the Cross Bay Foot Care Center, Dr. Debra Weinstock has developed a series of steps that guarantees the cure of plantar fasciitis. 

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

The plantar fascia band runs from the base of the heel to the beginning of the toe box and supports the arch of your foot.  It act’s as the shock-absorber to the foot.  With constant pressure, it is possible for this band to become inflamed and painful.  The pain of the plantar fascia normally begins at the first steps in the morning, when the band is tight and decreases as the band loosens throughout the day. 

This pain can return after long periods of standing, walking, or getting up from being seated.  Runners in particular tend to develop plantar fasciitis as well as people that are overweight. 

The First Line Of Podiatry Treatment 

The first set of treatment involves changing to comfortable footwear, wearing prescription orthotics, resting, and icing.  The point of doing these actions is to provide the most amount of comfort for your feet while the plantar fascia band begins to heal.  With less stress put onto the plantar fascia band, it’s damaged tissue slowly begins to heal.  This is why comfortable shoes and prescription orthotics are an essential part of the recovery process. 

The next thing you can do is receive a homeopathic Traumeel injection or a cortisone injection.  While cortisone injections weaken the plantar fascia band, an organic Traumeel injection does not, making it a primary substitute for the cortisone injection in modern medicine.  An injection improves pain temporarily. Some patients also choose physical therapy to help alleviate the plantar fascia pain.

Second Line of Treatment
PRP Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy

In more severe cases, where the plantar fascia band is causing debilitating pain or healing too slowly, either Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy or Stem Cell Therapy have a high success rate to repair the damaged tissue, alleviate pain, and eliminate the condition of plantar fasciitis.

Both of these organic treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive and effective alternatives to surgery.  They create new healthy cells that replace old damaged cells and as a result, the new healthy tissue repairs the condition of plantar fasciitis.  The body is supposed to be creating healthy cells for the plantar fascia band to utilize but this may be happening to slowly.  By applying a boost of stem cells or prp, the body now has the tools it needs to restore the damaged tissue that is the source of the injury and pain.  

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