Heel Pain Treatment



What Are The Causes Of Heel Pain?

Heel pain usually stems from either over-use or a traumatic injury.  Over-use or too much stress occurs as the heel is increasingly irritated.  It can be the shoes a person is wearing that causes the irritation or just constant pressure on the area that causes the heal to swell and become painful. 

Traumatic injury will cause heel pain and involves any trauma onto the heel, which may induce intense pain.  This includes landing on your heel from a bad fall or injuring yourself during athletic activity.

Types Of Heel Pain Injuries

There are a wide variety of heel pain injuries one can develop.  The most common heel problems are: 

Planter Fasciitis refers to heel and arch pain, where the planter fascia band that runs from the base of the heel to the toe box is inflamed.  Stepping on the arch of the foot can induce tremendous pain.

Haglund’s deformity feels like a painful small bump within the heel.  It appears as a red, swollen, painful area on the heel and is often irritated by uncomfortable shoes. 

Heel Spurs occur when small outgrowths of bone develop at the base of the heel.  This is a fairly common foot problem.  In and of themselves, they are harmless but due to their location, can cause friction and irritation against one’s shoes. 

How Long Will My Heel Pain Last?

This depends on the severity of the heel condition.  Heel pain can last typically from several weeks to several months and pain can be mild to severe.  The best thing one can do is see their podiatrist for immediate treatment to begin the recovery process.

When Should I Visit Dr. Weinstock?

As soon as you notice pain, it is time to see Dr. Weinstock.  Visiting a podiatrist will have the benefits of diagnosing the heel condition and therefore, knowing exactly what it is and how to treat it.  Then, with the advice of Dr. Weinstock, you can begin treatment right away lessening the length of time you will feel pain and the chance that the injury will become worse.  

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