Custom Orthotics

Custom made orthotics is important foot supports that make you walk healthier and happier.  In every shoe that we buy there is some type support or insert built in. These built in shoe supports or inserts are made for the general population and not for your individual’s foot.

As we are all unique individuals- each person- whether you are young and “old” foot shape and walking patterns are different.  This means that the inserts that come with your “expensive” walking shoes and sneakers don’t properly support your foot and body!!!

Prescription orthotics is used for the treatment and correction of:

  1. Foot Pain
  2. Bunions/Hammertoe
  3. Plantar Fasciitis
  4. Heel Pain
  5.  Ankle Sprains/Foot Sprains
  6.  Fractures
  7. Flat Feet
  8. High-Arched Feet
  9. Intoe Walking/Out toe Walking/Toe Walking
  10. Arthritis
  11. Ball of foot pain/Bursitis
  12. Nerve inflammation
  13. Achilles tendonitis/Bursitis
  14. Tendon sprains/Injuries

Most People with flat or high-arched feet have discomfort in their feet and legs, often experiencing foot pain on a daily basis.  By wearing prescription orthotics, this pain can often be completely eliminated. 

Those with other painful foot conditions such as, bursitis, neuritis or tendonitis, are given the maximum amount of support and comfort when wearing their custom orthotics.  Foot, ankle and leg pain is not normal. Simply by being fitted fro and wearing your custom made orthotics the painful side effects of these conditions resolve

Custom orthotics is particularly great for children.  Providing children with maximum comfort while walking ensure the healthy development of both their feet, legs and spine.  Helping your child develop a healthy walk will prevents a whole range of painful foot, leg and back conditions from occurring. 

It is not normal for your child to be complaining of foot or leg pain or to be walking “funny”. Growing pains, an old term to describe children’s foot and leg pain” does not exist.  Your child is experiencing pain due to imbalances in his or her walking.  walking. 

Little Steps’ is a high level over the counter orthotic for children- baby sizes to adolescents that help children’s’ feet develop well, encouraging a healthy happy walk. 

After a thorough examination including a sitting, standing and walking exam and depending on age, walk, and lifestyle, Dr. Weinstock will decide what orthotics will best suite you.  Options include highly specific custom made orthotics, that are created using plaster casting and a high tech laboratory fabrication or a high level over the counter orthotic (Quadra Steps    Little Steps).

The Cross Bay Foot Care Center Debra Weinstock- has been in practice for almost 30 years and has been very active in the Howard Beach community. 

Many of my patients are ecstatic, amazed, and surprised at the difference in comfort they feel after wearing their orthotics.  Foot pain is not normal and doesn’t’t have to last forever. 

To help yourself or loved one to have a healthy happy walk, schedule an appointment now with Dr. Debra Weinstock.  Call 718-835-0100 to speak with Dawn, Ester or John our appointment specialists.