Ankle Sprain

How Long Does An Ankle Sprain Take To Heal?

Most ankle sprains heal naturally in about 4-6 weeks with the correct treatment.  The only risk is re-injuring the ankle too soon, which is common as the muscles surrounding the ankle are weak and cannot support the body’s weight.  

When Should I See A Doctor?

As soon as you sprain your ankle.  Waiting on understanding the level of sprain that you have or the best treatment for you is recipe for not taking the proper precautions to heal the ankle as quickly as possible and leave room for further damage to the ankle.

A podiatrist will give you an x-ray to determine the level of sprain you have and make sure that you do not have something more severe like a fracture.  Next, your podiatrist will help you understand how to best treat your ankle. 

What Does An Ankle Sprain Look Like?

There may be:

  1. Bruising (a black and blue)
  2. Swelling
  3. Redness
  4. Mild or severe pain
  5. Instability and weakness of the ankle

What Do I Do Right After I Sprain My Ankle?

First, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with a podiatrist.  This will ensure that you go through the least amount of pain and recovery time while your ankle is healing.

Next, you want to focus on reducing pain and swelling.  Do this by:

  1. Resting your ankle, which limits stress and pain.
  2. Ice your ankle.  This will reduce the swelling.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes that provide the best support for your feet.  If you have orthotics, wear them.  
  4. If you cannot walk, use crutches until you are able to walk comfortably with an ankle brace. 
  5. If you have tape or an ankle brace, you can wear it to restrict the mobility of your ankle.  Taping an ankle sprain will decrease the amount of pain you experience and make sure you don’t injure yourself further. 

Stem Cell Therapy For Severe Ankle Sprains

A new method for repairing an ankle sprain is with Stem Cell Therapy.  A stem cell injection for an ankle sprain will repair the damaged tendons and ligaments lessening the full extent of pain, the length of recovery, and future complications.

A traumeel injection may also be helpful for reducing pain in your ankle.  If you have a foot fracture, Stem Cell Therapy and traumeel injections for fractures work well also.  A stem cell injection in the foot is alleviates foot pain for a variety of foot conditions including a bunion, sprains, fractures, and arthritis.

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It is highly recommended to see a podiatrist for an ankle sprain to diagnose the level of the sprain, make sure you do not have a fracture, and begin treatment.