Curing Flat Feet Foot Pain

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You're Not The Only One 

Sixty million Americans have flat feet and flat feet syndrome is the suffering from foot pain, foot conditions, and ankle and knee problems as a result of flat feet.

Someone has feet feet when the arches of the feet are flattened because of various causes and touch or press against the floor.  Foot conditions such as heel pain, achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and bunions develop because a flat footed person has, over a long-period of time, put constant pressure and stress onto the arch of their feet. 

Eliminating Foot Pain

The treatment for flat feet is synonymous with the treatment for foot pain. For example, if we can eliminate your foot pain and have you walk comfortably not needing to ever compensate for your flat feet, than you most likely will not develop the problems associated with flat feet.  

The first thing to do is get rid of your foot pain.  This can easily be done and done very quickly.  The two best methods are choosing the right shoes and wearing prescription, custom-made orthotics.

Choosing the right shoes is not as simple as you may think.  Everyone has a wide range of activities that they do, which may require different shoes.  Shoes for work, shoes for leisure, shoes for exercise, they all need to support your foot and not cause it extra stress. 

To find a comfortable pair, measure the width of your feet and always make sure the shoes that you buy don’t squeeze your feet from the sides or that the front of the shoe is touching the tips of your feet.  All your shoes must be a perfect comfortable fit to avoid foot pain.

You want to find well-made shoes not shoes made of flimsy material.  Try bending the shoes.  If it feels flimsy, it is not for you.   Even if it costs a bit more, it will be less costly in the long-run as you won’t develop the foot problems that come with uncomfortable shoes.  Also, find out which brands are great for walking and when choosing dress or work shoes, always have comfortability in mind as well as appeal. 

Custom-Made Orthotics For Flat-Feet

Just like the body can be unhealthy, the feet are unhealthy when they are in pain.  Eliminating foot pain is what stops problems from developing in the future. 

The next very important treatment for foot pain when having flat feet is prescription, custom-made orthotics.  In most cases, custom-made orthotics are covered by insurance and if not, we can offer you competitive price.  

In most shoes, there are in-soles in them, or the padding which can be removed.  These in-soles are generic, made by the company to fit the most common of feet.  Your foot isn’t indicative of the general population and therefore, these in-soles are actively injuring your feet when you walk.  Isn't that amazing that the shoes you are wearing are the cause of your foot pain?

With custom-made orthotics, Dr. Weinstock measures the amount of shock absorption you need for your lifestyle and specifically creates a mold of your foot, which the orthotics are created from.  These orthotics support your every movement and as a result, foot pain decreases exponentially with a great increase in comfort.   In the complete disappearance of foot pain, you will have cured flat feet syndrome.

As a side note, your podiatrist should check if your walking pattern is normal because compensation for flat feet could have lead to a slightly abnormal walk, which, in the future, will cause problematic foot conditions.  With just a few slight alterations, the best walking pattern ensures a healthy and active lifestyle.  

Call now and we’ll create your own custom-orthotics.  You won't have to wear generic in-soles and again experience unnecessary foot pain.