Foot Fracture Treatment

Treatment For Foot Fractures

As a podiatrist, I regularly see patients with foot fractures and one of the best advice I can give them is too receive supplemental PRP Therapy or Stem Cell Therapy to assist in the recovery of the fracture. 

Both PRP and Stem Cells accelerate the recovery process of a fracture and doing so, can prevent some of the long-term effects that a foot fracture might cause. 

These treatments are especially recommended for slow healing fractures and serve as an effective alternative to foot surgery.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

The stem cells used in our office are non-controversial and derived from the patient’s own fat tissue.  A sample of fat tissue is taken from the patients body and stem cells are separated from this fat tissue.  The stem cells are then injected into the damaged site to repair broken and cracked bone.

Stem Cells are in fact everywhere in the body and are crucial to the repair of tissue and bone damage.  Miraculously, stem Cells are able to transform into any type of tissue the body needs to repair itself.  When injected into the damaged site, stem cells transform themselves into bone tissue and replace the old damaged tissue repairing the fracture. 

For fractures, and particularly slow healing fractures, stem cells can amp up the healing response of the body and accelerate the time it takes for the bone to heal.  As a result, soreness, pain, and immobility may disappears within several weeks.

What Is PRP Therapy?

PRP Therapy is an organic, non-invasive procedure used at the Cross Bay Foot Care Center to accelerate the recovery time of a fracture.  PRP is written about weekly in newspaper articles featuring celebrity athletes such like Kobe Byrant and Alex Rodriguez, who use PRP Therapy to avoid surgery, repair injuries, decrease chronic pain, and raise their ability.  PRP for athletes is becoming the standard treatment for many Sport's Medicine related injuries.

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is plasma composed of the platelets found in the blood.  These platelets are largely responsible for repairing blood vessel damage in our bodies and also repair tissue damage. 

In PRP, an additional 30+ growth factors are activated and once injected into the body, the platelets are signaled by the injured site and begin repairing damaged tissue (in this case bone). 

Most of our patients are surprised and amazed at the difference of pain they feel after having the simple prp injection.

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Dr. Debra Weinstock is a podiatrist for over 30 years and after treating tens of thousands of patients is finding both Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy to be the most powerful non-surgical treatments to heal a variety of foot injuries. 

If you are having a foot problem that just won’t heal or are looking for a way to both accelerate the recovery process and limit any long-term consequences of an injury, both treatments have high success rates doing so. 

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